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Welcome to the realm of All Saints Junior High during the late 1990s, where aspirations, ambitions, and objectives ignite the nascent minds of eighth-grade students with a sense of ambiguity. Presented through the perspectives of these students, our narrative unfolds as an episodic account, chronicling a year in the lives of best friends Mod and Dan, as they embark on their journey towards maturity amidst the backdrop of the late '90s. In this coming of age era of wonderment, the two adolescents, on the cusp of adulthood, find themselves standing at the threshold of their first year as emerging adults.


Dan, the determined and athletic leader of their close-knit circle, sets his sights on various objectives for his final year of junior high, encompassing both pursuing his ideal romantic interest, ascending the social hierarchy of teenage life, and carving out a reputation beyond the confines of his inner circle. Conversely, the idiosyncratic and introverted Mod finds himself grappling with the lack of direction, unable to fathom a world that extends beyond the boundaries of his clique. Navigating their way through the intricate maze of adolescence, where curiosity intermingles with trepidation, and the past and future converge as compasses guiding their comprehension of the complexities surrounding them, their encounters with newfound acquaintances, and, most significantly, their own identities.


This novel world that Dan and Mod strive to comprehend is not entirely dissimilar from the one their peers are attempting to navigate. Amidst the haze of the school year, where the stakes are marked by the potential loss of individualism, friendships, or the regretful endurance of missed opportunities, just to evade being the center of humiliation or heartache. The teenagers gradually come to recognize the necessity of freeing themselves from complacency. They begin to embrace the chaotic allure of adventure, seizing the final secure year that permits such audacity


Thus unfolds the coming-of-age journey of Dan, Mod, and their companions through the late 1990s. In this era, the indistinct aspirations, dreams, and motivations of eighth-grade students animate their unique place in the world. It was a time when teenage lives remained uncharted by corporate entities, smartphones were nonexistent, the internet persisted as a subculture, and happiness was derived from the adventures shared with cherished friends.


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