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Dante Morricone returns to his native New York City following an extended tour of duty in the Vietnam War, only to confront the grim reality of the city's deterioration. The burden of societal ostracization endured by veterans, compounded by the haunting memories of his involvement in the Phoenix Program, weighs heavily upon Dante. Seeking solace, he reluctantly becomes embroiled in his cousin Valente's illicit dealings, a decision that only serves to amplify his inner turmoil. Amidst this turmoil, Dante serendipitously secures employment as a projectionist, a role reminiscent of his pre-war life. Embracing the opportunity for a fresh start, he endeavours to lead a life of rectitude. However, fate intervenes when a chance encounter with a distressed medical student thrusts him into the perilous orbit of a city gripped by fear – a fear perpetuated by a serial killer stalking its streets.


Surviving an attempted assassination, Dante's intervention disrupts the killer's sinister machinations, inadvertently entangling him in a labyrinthine conspiracy. What begins as a quest for personal redemption soon evolves into a harrowing journey to unravel the enigmatic threads of a clandestine network. Assisted by the intrepid Harlem journalist, Stella Muse, Dante delves into the arcane depths of this malevolent force, uncovering a nexus of malevolence stretching back years. Together, Dante and Stella confront not merely a lone homicidal threat, but an intricate web of nefarious actors manipulating the very fabric of New York City. As they peel back the layers of deception, they unearth a sinister cult whose insidious influence has transformed the metropolis into a perilous playground of occult horrors.


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