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The Project

This crowdfund is to raise money to develop a short film of the Phoenix Muse story. I want to start this as a way to build attention and interest for the story, and also to give a better visual impression for people. With the proper funding a short film will be made and used to show to more investors so that a feature film can be financed.

Why I want to tell this story

Phoenix Muse is a passion project about the simplicity of small stories that can resonate universally with anyone, anywhere. I want to use the timeless structure of The Hero’s Journey in a modern world setting with real modern world problems about a character transitioning to adulthood who learns as she goes along in her story that you can’t hide from chaos, but you also can’t fully embrace it. 

As you get older you realize the world becomes less black and white, and the decisions you make seem to bring dire consequences because of your lack of life experience. Sometimes these fears cause people to avoid obstacles in life. I want to tell a story about a character who ignores the world because of these same hesitations that most people can relate to. The Phoenix Muse character is stuck in this same stagnation. She has to deal with her flaws and failures in order to stay persistent and reach her goal. I want to tell a story about a dangerous journey of self discovery and vindication that comes with physical, and emotional scars. Where taking a moment to breathe won’t be given so easily by fortune. I want this intense conflict to mold the Phoenix Muse character from an ordinary civilian to a stronger, but still ordinary civilian. 

It’s classic storytelling that feels rare in this day and age. You watch a character who you like and can relate to. A character that moves through the chaotic fog of their worlds to find not just their goals but their potential and purpose. No matter what we believe in we all share the same feelings of not realizing our full potential, the potential we didn’t see but the people who loved us always took notice of. 

Why I need your help

Because I can’t do this alone. Also, I don’t want to do this alone. Your contribution, whether it be money, donation, a helping hand etc. will make my world, a world I don’t intend to stop working hard to build on. I’ve been married to this idea, and I can’t let it go. I have to make this happen, so please, any help from you no matter how big or small will make me forever grateful.


Pass this website’s link to all your friends and family. Spread this campaign to as many people you know and explain my situation. All I want to do is tell a good story, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your help matters, and I’m always going to be available to anyone who needs more information on Phoenix Muse. So let’s work together.

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